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Craig Beck

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About Craig Beck

Craig Beck ( is the author of several bestselling wealth creation books and audiobooks. Including 'Building Extreme Wealth' and 'Millionaire Mindset', available on Amazon, Audible and Itunes. Craig has been profiting from his in-depth knowledge of worldwide markets for many years. In 2017 his respected stock market predictions service 'Stock Market Oracle' completed it's hugely successful beta testing phase and opened up to new members

Stock Market Predictions

Information is Profit

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So it seems everyone you know is making serious money from cryptocurrencies or the Stock Market (or at least seems that way). You want to get your share of the action. You wonder, how do I do that? Well, this website is intended to provide some essential advice on how to start investing in the market.

First, remember that the market does not offer any certainties. The fact that an expert recommends a stock does not indicate that the assets is going to go up. If you want security and guarantees stick with the 1% interest your bank is offering!

Research Is King

Yes, information is power! However, another essential device for generating income in the stock market is patience. The fact that you purchase a stock does not mean that the rate has to move up!

So many novice investors will panic and sell at the first sign of a decline in the price. When the rate increases again they see their mistake and blame themselves for not having sufficient patience. But the next time they invest in a stock, they repeat the same blunder over and over again.

The Rules of The Game

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1. Do your own research: Gather as much data as you can on an equity. After all, you are preparing to own part of the firm. You have to understand what you are getting. I am often surprised that the majority of people spend more time scrutinising a $500 computer transaction than a $5,000 stock investment.

2. Check out the business before you purchase: Search the news archives, make Yahoo finance an often used bookmark. You need to know what people are saying about the company. Often the saying 'no smoke without fire' is true.

"The Stock Market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient", Warren Buffett

3. Understand that patience is a virtue: Be patient when you buy a stock.

4. Set an exit price for yourself: If you make a poor trade, get your losses and move forward. Do not hope that the stock will increase the next day. Many times, that tomorrow never comes. We advise our members to set a 20% stop loss on all trades.

5. Beware The Gossip: Do not buy a stock because a guy at the office says he has made a great deal of money on that stock. Lot of times, you will wind up losing your money.

6. Hot Tips Are A Trap: Do not invest simply because somebody claims to have a 'Hot Tip'. More often than not, the intelligence is a lukewarm at best.

7. Do NOT buy at the market open: I repeat NEVER EVER buy at the market open. You always get a jump at the market open which fades away in an hour or more. The very best time to purchase a stock is about an hour into the trading day. Conversely, the most effective time to close a trade is at the market open.

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Know When to Take Your Profits!

As a rule of thumb, it is always a smart idea to set a target for your earnings. Often times, individuals stay in an assets that has gone up for too long, thinking that the rate appreciation will carry on indefinitely.

Many people buying in the recent Bitcoin gold rush have already been burned by this approach. Be sensible!

The Secret of 20%

Remember the old saying that "you never go broke by taking profits". A 15%-20% gain is probably a desirable place to begin nailing down gains. The temptation is to get greedy, but what goes up will come down and the market is used to huge corrections. 

Our Stock Market Predictions Service

Remember, most people who decide to get into stock trading lose money! Don't be one of them. If you haven't got the time or experience to do all the research required to make informed trading decisions, invest in advice from people who do. 

Decide now and get started today for instant access to our consistently profitable stock buy and sell signals. 



"I have been a follower of Craig Beck for many years. He has dramatically changed many areas of my life. I am not an expert in stocks, but I trust what Craig says. Listening to his advice over the last three months has effectively allowed me to double my nest egg."

Pete Smaleswith, Hereford UK

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"I tried doing this on my own at first and got badly burned. He is right, making money from stock exchange trading takes serious commitment. If you want solid buy and sell signals without all the backbreaking research - this is a godsend"

Brian Miller, Austin USA

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Past Performance: December 2017
Past Performance: December 2017 November brought the beta trial of the service to an end. Thank you to all those[...]

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"I am passionate about giving people the tools and information to make massive positive change in their lives. I know you will be impressed with the quality of the data and advice in the members area. While I cannot guarantee any profit (you invest entirely at your own risk) if I fail to provide you with regularly updated information I want to hear from you. If I can't help you personally I will refund your membership investment in full", Craig Beck

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