Past Performance: December 2017

stock market results

Past Performance: December 2017

November brought the beta trial of the service to an end. Thank you to all those early adopters who helped me refine the system and presentation of selections.

I strictly advised members to paper/virtual invest only. However, I do know that a few risk loving individuals ignored that and went all in with real money. Thankfully the 20% return on investment paid off.

A Long Time Coming

As many of you who have been a member of my other coaching programs (such as Millionaire University etc) will know. I have been investing my own revenue into stocks for quite some time. My motivation for doing so was the appalling 1% interest rate on offer by my bank.

Before you think 1% is not bad these days, let me point out that to get that amazing rate of interest they had some requirements. First, you had to invest over €100,000 and give them six months notice if you wanted to withdraw a single cent of it.

The Official Launch

The problem I had is, for years my approach to the stock market has been a little messy and unmonitored. Sure it’s made me a lot of money but the scraps of paper I work out my investments on were not fit for human consumption. People have been asking me to offer investment advice for a while, and so the six-month process to create an easy to follow version of my portfolio began.

At the end of November, we had got about 90% of the bugs and kinks out of the system and we officially went live December 2017.

December Results

craig beck 165I am pleased to say that December returned a 16% profit on our investment. Essentially we got the same returns in a month than saving with my bank would deliver in nearly a year and a half.

Notable performers were Netflix (NFLX) returning 8.56%, Noble Energy (NBL) at 10.94% and Suncor Energy (SU) at 9.56%.

We head into 2018 with a healthy portfolio and optimistic outlook.

About The Author: Craig Beck ( is the author of several bestselling wealth creation books and audiobooks. Including ‘Building Extreme Wealth’ and ‘Millionaire Mindset’, available on Amazon, Audible and Itunes. Craig has been profiting from his in-depth knowledge of worldwide stock markets for many years. In 2018 his respected stock market investment tips service ‘Stock Market Oracle’ completed it’s hugely successful beta testing phase and opened up to new members – more information.


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